The current situation with the COVID 19 has caught all companies and people off guard, leaving us without any other option than to follow government protocols and adapt our “normal” life to a new routine of purchasing rituals, alternative consumption, community life, and social interaction.

Today France has over 132.000 cases and reaching the 15.000 deaths, the economy is not looking good for the following months, and sanitary restrictions have placed us in concrete cages for more than 2 months. However, not everything is bad, we have seen a remarkable environmental impact, according to China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment, data recorded between January and March 2020 reflects an 84.5 percent increase in days with good air quality in 337 cities, and satellite data from the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows a decline in nitrogen dioxide over China.

What if our consumption lifestyle until today has brought those types of pandemic situations? Well, today it is sure the virus has passed from killing wild animals to human victims, due to poor sanitary conditions as seen in local markets in Wuhan. All of this has led us to alternative consumption options and routines such as Permaculture.

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For those who do not know the definition of Permaculture, it is a mix of ethics, principles, philosophy, and a methodology to develop ecological, efficient, and productive mini-ecosystems that can be used by anyone and anywhere. Nowadays, families are making the decision to adapt their gardens into an efficient and productive ecosystem which will also allow them to profit from it, giving them social, health, and economic benefits. In order to transform this desire into something tangible, it is important not to improvise and take into account several variables that will be involved in the success of the ecosystem such as agriculture, biology, soil, animals, energy… Etc.

Now is the time to question that what’s happening now concerns our future, waking us up from a long dream where we extract unlimited resources from the planet without any consequences. Instead, we may begin to change our habits, consumption rituals, and dedicate more time to choose products that do not have a negative impact and create new ways of providing oxygen to the planet and food to our families. It is time to act and we are here to help you.

“All we need to live a good life surround us, sun, wind, people, buildings, stones, sea, birds, and plants. Cooperation with all these things brings harmony, opposition to them brings disaster and chaos.” – Bill Molison, Co-founder or Permaculture.

Until next harvest,

Sebastian CAICEDO

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash