The Ethical Purchasing Basket

Ecotag Market is the marketplace for responsible and ethical consumption which was born as a solution to dodge greenwashing in the online purchasing process. We believe that, in addition to a quality product, simple and concrete information about the manufacturer’s social responsibility profile will empower an ethical way of consumption while creating awareness for a broader number of participants.

Our Objectives

Empower ethical awareness for consumption

Our team works it best to create a venue for a sober consumption lifestyle on our planet by searching dedicated innovations, pointing out important information about green products and sharing relevant practices with manufacturers and suppliers. We hope to contribute to guiding our community in the development of better practices. Do not hesitate to start a partnership with us.

Goals 4
Goals 5

Promote eco-friendly products and daily life green solutions

We privilege products that have been conceived to reduce the negative impact in the environment, human health, and society, with items coming from: eco-design concepts, zero waste approaches, reduce-reuse-recycle-remanufacture methods, organic components, and cradle to cradle innovations. In addition, we do not support single-use items, polluting or dangerous items, inadequate working conditions, use of animal testing, and actions that degrade human health.

Transparency in marketing information

Our customers do not need to become specialized detectives in all sustainable aspects when buying a product, we will make it easy for you. We request our participants to provide additional information about their core business, social responsibility practices, and supply chain. Also, we verify legitimate labels that provide a true commitment, and we are vigilant with controversial situations related to the promoted products. We want our customers to make the best decision by having accurate, transparent and simple information.

Golas 6
Goals 1

Foster circular economy participants

We understand the importance of contributing to a real circular economy. We seek to support merchants and suppliers that implement and follow innovative and traditional circular economy practices, which will help reduce the human impact in our planet and depletion of natural resources.

Our Story

Back in 2016 two Colombians arrived in France to pursue their master’s degrees in a European environment. At the end of their studies with different projects and profiles, both started to reflect on daily life consumption concerns and the possibilities to change the traditional approach. Later they organized themselves and started looking for different initiatives to fight promiscuous consumption risks threatening the planet and human health. With this idea in mind, they’ve decided to act.


We are a new startup based in Paris giving visibility to eco-friendly brands and solutions for people like you. We continue our search for environmentally respectful solutions for you to adopt and make a difference.

Our Team

David Triana
David TrianaCo-Founder
A partisan of eco-friendly solutions that can change people’s mindset and behavior for a healthier future. Hopefully, one of many who want to take the right steps to help preserve this planet’s biodiversity, protect their peers from abuse and unhealthy environments, and reduce promiscuous consumption as much as possible. Determined by his sympathy for social and environmental development, David takes the path with this unique team to empower responsible consumption.
Sebastian Caicedo
Sebastian CaicedoCo-Founder
Motivated by social and eco-responsible entrepreneurship, and partnering with David, Sebastian has decided to use his business experience in this new extraordinary adventure adapting current solutions to initiatives that impact the world in a positive way. A Colombian living in Paris, passionate about the artisan world and the current consumer habits towards more sustainable methodologies.